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Holy Trinity Parish encourages its parishioners to participate in various ways. Serving in a liturgical and pastoral ministries are a great way to accomplish this. Parishioners interested in one of the ministries below should contact the parish office for more information.​

Liturgical Ministries

Several times a year opportunities are given to invite those members of our parish who have received the sacraments of confirmation and Eucharist to take part in the life of the parish by serving in one of the following ministries at Mass – lector, extraordinary minister of holy Communion, Usher or altar server.

If you are interested in serving in these ministries, please call Father Anthony Carbone at 724-238-6434.

Altar Server
This ministry is open to all interested children in third grade or above who wish to be servers for Sunday, holy day and special Masses. New altar server training is offered once a year. Interested children and parents are invited to contact the parish office.
Extraordinary Minister of Holy Communion
This ministry is open to all members of our parish who are 18 years of age or older. Their role is to assist the priest, who is the ordinary minister of the Eucharist, with the distribution of the body and blood of Christ at Mass.
Members of this ministry proclaim the readings from sacred Scripture, with the exception of the Gospel, during the Liturgy. This ministry is open to members of our parish who are at least 16 years old.

Ushers and Greeters are usually the first official representative of the Church that people meet when they arrive.